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How ADHD turns a 30 second walk for more coffee into 45 minutes away from my desk

>Try to take a sip of coffee >Remember mug is empty >Scooch back and turn in chair, take two minutes to think through my plan to get coffee >Get out of chair, walk halfway to the kitchen, realize I'm empty-handed >Walk back to my desk, grab my mug, walk back towards the kitchen >Think, 'might as well go outside while I'm up,' set mug down next to front door >Remember I have to go to the bathroom, figure I should probably do that before I go outside >Walking towards the bathroom, think better of leaving my mug by the door >Walk back to grab my mug >Take my mug to the kitchen, set it down next to my coffee maker >Go to the bathroom >Walk back through kitchen (my house's floorplan is really odd), put on my hoody, coat, and hat >Go outside, smoke, scroll through Reddit >I see a post, have an idea for a meme >Exit reddit, open meme app, scroll for a minute, can't find the one I want >Finish smoking, just means I have two hands for phone now >Google vague description of the meme I want, think of something funny to add to it >Google the idea I had, download the image >Download fails, open it in Chrome, download again >Spend three minutes manually erasing the background, cut out the part I want >Open photo editor to make my own meme (With blackjack! And hookers!) >(In fact, forget the park!) >Go to Reddit to post it, realize nobody's browsing new >Open Cronnit in Chrome, schedule post for a more "reasonable" hour >Finally go back inside, take off my coat, sweatshirt, and hat >Go back to the kitchen, feel hunger > >Open fridge >Stare at contents >Close fridge >Open cupboards, get some snacks >Open fridge again >Stare at contents >Finally see something I want >Take my snacks back to my room >No coffee >Go back to kitchen, pour coffee, kill the pot >Figure I should go ahead and grab a Monster while I'm in the kitchen >Open fridge >Grab Monster, hesitate >Grab a string cheese too >Back to my roo- nope, forgot coffee >Go back to kitchen, grab coffee >Back to my room, realize I don't have enough room for all my snacks > >Spend five minutes cleaning and reorganizing my desk for more room, rather than just setting some snacks down elsewhere >Hmm, lotta unopened mail here >Sort through all my mail >Hmm, lotta junk here >Take all the junk to the recycling in the kitchen >Hmm, lotta recycling here >Take all the recycling outside to the big cans >Go back inside, walk back through the house to my room >Finally sit back down >Try to take a sip of coffee >Remember mug is empty >Drank it all while opening mail >Take empty mug to the kitchen >Go back to my room, sit back down >PC went to sleep >Boot up, not so bad because SSD >Finally back to work >Thanks, ADHD

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