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Stuff That Rhymes

Engagement Poem

Today is burned inside my mind,

Today’s date seared against my brain,

Memories of our words entwined,

Spoken inside a taco chain.

I’ve never won the jackpot,

Never found a four leaf clover,

But my luck has two big bright spots,

You and Toto, and it’s not over.

Maybe something brought you to me,

Maybe Tara put you in my life,

But your kindness, your warmth, your beauty,

Are why I want you as my wife.

To Hershey, we went together,

And I don’t want our trip to end,

As one, we’ll stand any weather,

I’ll face the world with my best friend.

Mumbai, Mountain View, wherever,

Your presence fills me up with glee,

You can wear pjs forever,

Just tell me if you’ll be with me.


Internal screaming, throbbing wound,

A worm inside my brain.

Bile spews, blankets all,

Sowing seeds of pain.

Confounded thoughts, tainted patterns,

My mind races, burns, it cries,

Vacuous blackness, drawn into

A thought space full of lies.

Betrayal’s origins lie within,

The stage is set by me.

Three pounds of traitor, all internal,

My own worst enemy.

I won’t be silenced by myself,

No matter the strength of will.

Nature, Nurture, bit of both,

Regardless, I’m mentally ill.

To quiet all the shouting,

To hush the rising roar,

Grey matter’s din, unquieting,

Some foul pit at my core.

Cease the suffering, quell the shrieking,

Every option on the table,

To still my thoughts, turn down volume,

Shut down, pause tape, disable.

I drink, I drank, I’m drunk again,

Can’t hurt if I can’t think,

Unconsciousness lies within my reach,

Just need some more to drink.

An Ode to Hamburgers

Some hamburgers are tall

Other hamburgers are small

Some hamburgers are topped with nothing at all!

Hamburgers are tasty, no nice and round,

And some burgers weigh in at almost a pound!

Hamburger sliders, topped with sauce.

How many more? Now I’m at a loss..

I do not want your bagels & lox!

What I want comes inside a small box.

There are many types of hamburgers here

I’ll tell you about some, just lend an ear!

Hamburgers with cheese

With none if you please

With pickles and onions

Or sprinkle on Funions

Hamburgers are canvas,

And toppings the paint,

Take risks, take chances, innovate!

Hamburgers crowned with a runny egg

Ketchup stains all down your leg

Mustard, lettuce, tomato, and pickles

Or jalapenos giving your throat tickles.

Hamburgers grilled, pan-seared, or fried

Hamburgers leave me so satisfied

Sandwiched between two bits of bun,

Hamburgers just can’t be outdone

Sourdough, Rye, Pretzel, and so much more,

Whatever kind of hamburger bun you go for!

Toasted buns, like warm hamburger blankets,

All of my parties are hamburger banquets!

Some you can share

And that’s if you dare!

Hamburgers served here, as big as your head!

The last guy to eat one got pulled out on a sled!

Ground beef, turkey, bison, and more

So many burgers to taste and explore!

Veggie burgers for vegans, vegetarians too.

Not quite as tasty, but I guess they make do!

While chicken nuggets may have their place

A juicy hamburger, you just can’t replace!

Ham is just fine, and pot roast is grand.

Chicken is lovely, and ribs are quite nice,

But nothing beats hamburgers, and you can’t beat the price.

Hamburgers at home, hamburgers alone,

Grass Fed hamburgers or made from a clone,

Hamburgers simple, with no muss or fuss,

Super fancy hamburgers, just a tad superfluous,

Burgers so speedy, they call it fast food,

Burgers are best, I’m sure you conclude.

Hamburgers are classic, like movies and popcorn,

Hamburgers nostalgic, from before you were born,

Hamburgers are streamlined, a meal self-contained,

Served up with some french fries, delight unconstrained.

Pepperjack, American, Mozzarella, Provolone, Swiss,

Havarti, Colby-Jack, Muenster, Bleau, Monterey,

The list just goes on,

I could do this all day.

Hamburgers at picnics, with family and friends,

When you’ve got hamburgers, the fun never ends!

Barbecues, birthday parties, and the Fourth of July,

For almost any occasion, give hamburgers a try!

Hamburger Helper, as if I need help,

I’m busy reviewing hamburgers on Yelp!

Add salt, grind in pepper, just spice it up nice,

Do I want one? You know it, don’t need to ask twice!

Whatever your background, your cuisine of choice,

There’s a burger for you, give thanks and rejoice!

Asian, Italian, Greek, Mexican, American, French, or whatever,

Put your own twist on burgers, you can make them however!

Serve them with french fries, coleslaw, chips, or a shake,

Hamburgers pair perfectly with whatever you make.

Add in an apple, an orange, watermelon, or some salad,

If you only eat hamburgers, your face’ll go pallid.

Hamburgers are famous, they’re seen everywhere,

Hamburgers and french fries, try and name a better pair.

Big Kahuna, Good Burger, Spongebob, and I could go on,

Ron Swanson, King Neptune, and Jules,

They all dig great burgers, the conclusion’s foregone.

Hamburgers exquisite, my favorite food of all time,

A well-made hamburger is, put simply, sublime.

At night, when I’m sleeping, burgers dance through my dreams,

My hamburger statue, it sparkles and gleams.

I have to choose hamburgers, time and again,

They’re there for me always, just like a friend.

You can count on hamburgers, they’re my old reliable.

They’re just so delicious, my love’s undeniable.

Yes, I love hamburgers, and I can’t deny it.

You’ll love hamburgers too, if you haven’t yet tried it.

Though it’s hard to imagine, I guess it could happen.

If you’ve never had hamburgers, I’ll take you, just get in.

We’ll go get your first burger, and you pick the place.

I’m paying, don’t worry, so long as the napkins there aren’t made of lace.

I don’t want to believe it, but you say that it’s true.

If you’ve not had a burger, we’ll fix that for you.

Order the fixins, keep it simple, your choice!

You’re eating a burger; that’s cause to rejoice!

I’ll never forget the first time I had one,

From the very first bite, my heart burgers won.

I’ll always love hamburgers, and I’m not ashamed.

If you ask for my favorite, Hamburger’s the name.

There’s no wrong way to enjoy your hamburger,

Unless you got yours by being a burglar.

Keep your hands off, this hamburger is mine.

But you enjoy yours, they taste so divine.

So if you’re at a loss, don’t know what’s for dinner,

In my experience, hamburgers are always a winner.


It grew

Slowly at first,

but then...but there was no then.

It grew no more, but still she carried it.

Pain was how she learned,

There would be no welcome to the world.

Who could have been

But grows no longer

She delivered the empty vessel

Pain, blood, tears, flesh, body, corpse.

It grew no more.

She carried no more.

Alone she endured

“Look on the bright side,” he says

“You lost ten pounds in a day!”

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