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Some Poetry


Internal screaming, throbbing wound, A worm inside my brain. Bile spews, blankets all, Sowing seeds of pain. Confounded thoughts, tainted patterns, My mind races, burns, it cries, Vacuous blackness, drawn into A thought space full of lies. Betrayal’s origins lie within, The stage is set by me. Three pounds of traitor, all internal, My own worst enemy. I won’t be silenced by myself, No matter the strength of will. Nature, Nurture, bit of both, Regardless, I’m mentally ill. To quiet all the shouting, To hush the rising roar, Grey matter’s din, unquieting, Some foul pit at my core. Cease the suffering, quell the shrieking, Every option on the table, To still my thoughts, turn down volume, Shut down, pause tape, disable. I drink, I drank, I’m drunk again, Can’t hurt if I can’t think, Unconsciousness lies within my reach, Just need some more to drink.


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